Earl Wilson - Music Program Director

It's truly a pleasure to have come to work with the community of Christ Church Beaurepaire. It's rare to meet so many warm, welcoming and committed human beings under one roof. It's amazing how many activities are hosted by this dynamic group of people. One of the projects on my 'list' is to provide video documentation of all of these endeavours and be able to present them to you in a video compilation.

My journey in music started at my earliest memories, a really good piano, older siblings and parents that offered a vision, and then the patience and encouragement of the best mentors available. These past many years have allowed me to exceed my earliest dreams by 'a long shot'. What a treat. Being able to continue growing in my proficiency and love of music is a daily pleasure.

I've maintained a working and personal interest in church music since starting to accompany services at my local parish when I was 12 or 13 years old. Once I started my 'serious' studies at McGill (Shulich School of Music) I was able to stretch some of the muscles that had been aching for more exercise. Under the guidance of Professors Norair Artinian, Winston Purdy, Charles Reiner, Fred Stoltzfus, Donald Patriquin, Alcides Lanza (pardon the capitals alcides) Janet Schmalfeldt, and Paul Helmer, amongst others, I was able to hone my longstanding desire to improve my understanding of many of the intricacies of the musical universe. My continued studies and contact with the esteemed Claude Savard and Marc Durand added even greater finesse and confidence to my developing skills. What a gift!

Professional life has been a continuing journey of development and learning. I've had the opportunity to participate in hundreds of concerts with inspired and inspiring colleagues. New opportunities have developed which have necessitated the need to learn and develop new skills, concert management, music arrangement, fund raising, publicity, sound engineering, video editing, graphics and all the related tools and software.

I'm truly appreciative to the Community of CCB for allowing me to have access to an environment wherein I'm challenged each day to bring my best in contributing to an inspired living condition for all of us, within the Church's walls, and beyond. Please be assured that if you choose to participate in any of the musical activities that we offer, be it Sunday Choral Worship, the Choir, Youth Band, Les Concerts du Quartier or private piano instruction I will do my best to aid in a healthy and happy involvement for you and your loved ones. Cheers.