Prayer Teams

Prayer teams are available at the 10:00 a.m. service. Do you know why? We believe that prayer is one of the most powerful tools available to Christians. It can be a prayer of thanksgiving, or a specific request, such as for healing, for relief from stress, for help in dealing with a boss or children, or simply for safe travel. The people on prayer teams are not expert prayers’, nor are they more religious, closer to God or holier than you. They are simply people who strongly believe in the power of prayer. Sometimes people just need help in focusing their prayers; or feel the need for more voices praying for a specific need. Don't forget that thanksgiving is also a very important part of prayer. The prayer teams are present to help you in any prayer needs. Many people believe that their needs are too insignificant to warrant asking someone else to pray for them. Don’t forget the sparrow, or the lilies of the field. No person's needs are too small for God, nor can they grow too big for God. Remember that our God is awesome, omnipotent, and most of all loving. But you must remember to ASK HIM!! Nothing is too great or too small for Him. Prayer Teams are available to pray with you in the Chapel area during the administration of Communion.



Sidespersons are grouped in teams and are on hand before the service to act as greeters, welcoming worshippers, distributing Pew Bulletins and worship books, and identifying and responding to the needs of those coming to worship. They also look after presenting the bread and wine for communion, receiving and presenting the offerings of the people, and the totalling of our weekly offering after the service. Please contact the Church Office if you would like to help as a Sideperson.

Servers, Communion Assistants, Intercessors, Lectors and Prayer Team Members are always needed. Commitment is approximately one Sunday every 6-8 weeks. Qualifications required: a welcoming disposition, joy in the Lord, and a desire to serve and enhance our worship. 


Anglican Church Women (A.C.W.)

Anglican Church Women includes all ladies of the parish. The A.C.W. of Christ Church includes an executive, which meets occasionally to guide and direct both fundraising and social activities. The A.C.W. would be happy to have active new members. For more information please contact Joan Lavell.


Altar Guild

Christ Church Altar Guild ideally consists of 6 groups of 3 people each; both men and women are welcome. Groups are on a roster that sees each group on duty once every six weeks. Duties include setting up for communion on Sundays and Wednesdays and the following put-away. Groups meet, usually on Saturday, to clean brass, clean the altar area, check the candles, set the readings and prepare the communion. It usually takes just over an hour. Special services at Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving involve a bit extra and include decorating the Church. Setting up for the Wednesday service is done sometime on Tuesday or on Wednesday morning prior to the 10:00 a.m. service. Clear up is done sometime on Thursday. Usually the Wednesday duties are split between any two members of the group.

The Altar Guild is always open to new members. Volunteers, make yourself known to Pat Simpson (514 694-8446), the Church Office (514 697-2204) or to any member of the Altar Guild. We can hardly wait to hear from you! 


The Estate Sales Group

Also known as the G.S.T.'s (Garage Sale Team), this group provides a ministry of cleaning, sorting, pricing and selling furnishings in homes about to be sold. It receives a percentage of sales. The work is intense, the profile low, and the effort much appreciated by the Community of Christ Church. Proceeds of these efforts are currently partially funding renovations to our Church building. This group is headed up by Joan Lavell.

If you would like to help with this ministry, or have a home that fits this category, contact Joan Lavell. Thanks to all who volunteer for this ministry.


St. Michael's Mission

There is a box in the Narthex in which we collect used clothing for the men and women (no children's) who need and use the services of St. Michael's Mission. All clothing items are needed, according to the time of year. Underwear and socks are always in short supply. Any items deposited in the Mission box will be picked up on a weekly basis.

For further information, please contact Lorna Fisher.


Singers Wanted

Do you enjoy singing? The choir can always use more members to sing at our 10:00 a.m. services, but if you can’t commit full time, why not come out and sing at our Christmas Wassail or other Christmas Services. Extra voices to augment our choir would be appreciated. Choir practices are held on Thursday evenings from 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Call Earl Wilson at 514-486-9338 or visit for more information.


Memorial Flowers

Christ Church looks beautiful all year round. This is particularly true during the Christmas season. If you would like to provide flowers for the Sanctuary at any time of year for memorials or as a gift, our Altar Guild would be happy to hear from you. Please call Pat Simpson at 514 694‑8446.