Enjoy Great Music at Christ Church Beaurepaire 

At Christ Church Beaurepaire we offer a high quality musical programme for our local congregation and for the broader community of Beaconsfield and Beaurepaire. Our Choir is constantly developing and exploring all styles of music from Traditional settings to Contemporary Praise Music for our Sunday morning Choral Service. We have also been developing a Youth Band which participates in the same service. As the band develops we hope that it will become a regular participant in our Services.

Our Concert Series is entering its Fourth Season. “Les Concerts du Quartier” has become renowned for the high quality of its performers and the congenial Aprés Concert which allows everyone, performers and audience members, to enjoy a glass of wine (or non-alcoholic refreshment), snacks and a chance to mingle. 

Musical education flourishes at the Church. A number of West Island residents of all ages are benefiting from regular private piano lessons which are being given on the beautiful 1913 Model 'O' Steinway piano that resides in the Church Sanctuary. The piano is beautifully maintained and has a wonderful voice, very mellow and rich, and it is an absolute pleasure to listen to and to play. 

The health of community is the driving force behind all that we do. Your interest and participation in any or all of these above opportunities will be warmly rewarded. 

Earl Wilson b.mus., m.mus
Christ Church Beaurepaire Community Music Program Director