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Paws & Pray


To paraphrase a popular song title, "Who let the Dogs in???". Many companion dogs and their human guardians have been enjoying worship at Christ Church at our monthly “Paws & Pray” services. People have attended from all across the island of Montreal and from off-island communities. Even a group of residents and staff from the Sunrise Seniors Centre came with “Buddy”, their resident dog!


The canine congregants vocalize well during the hymn-singing (one even played the pedals on the organ), and readings and sermons are sometimes punctuated by yips and barks. While all of humans are welcomed to the communion rail, their four-footed companions enjoy special doggy treats. The dogs have been very well-behaved, considering that they are in an unfamiliar environment with a lot of other dogs they don’t know well – and their humans have been too! In 2010, we began using both French and English in the Paws & Pray services.

Our focus is on the care of creation and particularly the care and right treatment of animals that we have domesticated. All are welcome to “Paws & Pray”, with or without a dog! “Paws & Pray” services are offered in collaboration with the Companion Animal Adoption Centres of Quebec (CAACQ), a non-profit organization dedicated to animal welfare.

Please see our calendars for dates of the Paws & Pray services. Throughout the year the CAACQ and other groups offer dog "adoption days".


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Companion Animal Adoption Centres of Quebec


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Johanne Tassé, and her dogs Bennett and Kiva (left) in Christ Church Beaurepaire




For further information about Paws & Pray, please contact the Church Office at 514 697-2204 or, by email at


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