Children & Youth


Children & Youth

Sunday School

All children are important and welcomed at Christ Church.
Christ Church offers a Sunday School program for all children 3 - 12 years old
simultaneously with the 10:00 a.m. worship service.

The children are nurtured in the faith in small age groups of about 8-10 people, using “Godly Play” church school resources. The children begin in the church with their family members and friends for the Opening greeting and Welcome, the opening Hymn/Song, and a Children’s Time, then go downstairs to the Parish Hall for their classes.

At the end of classes children re-join their families in the worship service at the time of the Communion of the people. Here they are welcomed to the altar to receive Holy Communion (or a prayer of blessing if they are not yet ready to receive Communion).

First Communion Preparation: Children who have been baptized are welcome to receive communion at whatever age is deemed appropriate by their parents and themselves. An instruction program called “Life in the Eucharist” appropriate to children aged 5 – 10 years of age is offered from time-to-time to help children understand more about the celebration of Holy Communion and receiving communion as members of the family of the people of God. For information about First Communion Preparation, please contact the Church Office at 514 697-2204 or, by email at

Opportunities are available to assist in leading the Sunday School following appropriate “Safe Church" recruitment and screening.

Contact us at 514 697-2204 or by email at for further information about the Sunday School, Sunday School leadership opportunities, or “Life in the Eucharist”.


Young People at Christ Church

Multiple opportunities for you to participate

Worship Leadership: Young people are encouraged to participate in worship as servers, lectors, intercessors, communion assistants, and audio/visual operators.

Confirmation Preparation: Young people desiring to deepen their understanding of the Christian faith and the Church in preparation for assuming responsibility for their Baptismal Vows through the sacramental rite of Confirmation are invited to participate in the inter-generational program called “The Anglican Way”.

Parish Programs, Activities and Events: Young people are welcome and encouraged to participate in and assist with all Parish Programs, Activities and Events as they may be appropriate and of interest to them.

Age-specific Events and Activities: Young people are invited to participate in both parish-based and wider-church-based youth activities as these are offered from time-to-time.

Contact the Church Office at 514 697-2204 or, by email at